PixelArt graphics library for TFT Displays based on Hexels format to draw with several grid frames.

TFTCanvas is a generic library that supports differents TFT Screens based on Adafruit_GFX library. This library is part of a educational course to learn C++ in TFTCourse or in this webpage.



The library use different polygons in order to stablish different grids to draw in different formats:

  • Hexels
  • Trixels
  • Pixels

This differents interpretations on graphics allow us to create hexel in order to create 3D models on a 2D TFT Display with a different interpretation on depth figures.

Hexel grid class is based on geometric triangles ordered in columns and rows with the following structure:

Temple Aqualung

This library has been tested with Arduino Esplora and a TFT display.

#define SD_CS 8 // Chip select line for SD card
#define TFT_CS 7 // Chip select line for TFT display
#define TFT_DC 0 // Data/command line for TFT
#define TFT_RST 1 // Reset line for TFT (or connect to +5V)



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